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  6. portlandcoffee:

    This was my first time doing a long exposure star photography & I am hooked!!

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Untitled by marykyart
Drawing I just finished :)


    Untitled by marykyart

    Drawing I just finished :)

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    Talk nonsense, but talk your own nonsense, and I’ll kiss you for it.
    — Fyodor Dostoevsky  (via thatkindofwoman)

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    Astoria, Oregon | This is the sunset from last night, headed to catch this view one last time 😭

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    Two magicians shall appear in England…
    The first shall fear me; the second shall long to behold me;
    The first shall be governed by thieves and murderers;

    the second shall conspire at his own destruction;
    The first shall bury his heart in a dark wood beneath the snow, yet still feel its ache;
    The second shall see his dearest possession in his enemy’s hand…

    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke

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    Julia’s House for Lost Creatures giveaway ( and a look at my messy desk). More here:


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    So, I decided to do a little giveaway.

    Whats there to win?

    One copy of my bachelor thesis book.It’s a picture book about different regions in Germany and their specific flora & fauna. 21x21 cm,42 pages.texts are in german(and I have to admit that the binding is not perfect,you can see me rant about it here )

    Rules and Conditions

    -runs from 10th July - 11th August 2014

    -like and reblog to enter

    -I’ll ship international(and will also pay the postage)

    -You should have your askbox open so I can contact you

    -winner is picked with a random number generator(if I find one until then ;) )

    -(I will probably also sell a few copies,I’ll post more about this next week,when I have more time)

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    I’m always soft for you, that’s the problem. You could come knocking on my door five years from now and I would open my arms wider and say ‘come here, it’s been too long, it felt like home with you.’
    — Azra.T “My Heart is Full of Open Windows.” (via pythons)

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